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Empowering Others: Don’t Knock It Till You Try It!


Empowering Others: Don’t Knock It Till You Try It!


Life is SUCH a roller coaster. One day you’re on top of the world. The next day, everything comes crashing down! I don’t care if you are the richest person or the prettiest person or the most respected person in the world. Encouragement is something that can change all of our lives, regardless of how great you think you’re doing.

Think about a time when someone encouraged you to keep going when you hit a bump in the road. How did it make you feel? Did it give you the drive to keep fighting? Did it give you the inspiration to change directions and try again? Our world is SO filled with competition. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE a good ol’ dose of friendly competition. But what ranks as #1 on my scale of favorite things in life is community.

Community over competition. Those three words are the driving force in my desire to build other people up. The amazing support and love I’ve had from being part of a community pushes me to encourage others to do the same. It can be life changing. There is something so empowering about being surrounded by people who accept your faults, carry you in times of trouble, and celebrate with you in life’s joys.

That’s why I’m always searching for positive people to build relationships. Here’s some more reasons I live my life cheering for others and trying my hardest to be a light in this world!

5 Reasons I Choose to Empower Others

While there are some people in my life who laugh at my efforts to help others, it truly doesn’t bother me! They don’t agree with the way I live my life. And that’s ok! We are all so different and that’s what makes the world a great place. As I’ve gotten older, empowering others has not only come more naturally to me, it’s become part of my daily routine.

For those who don’t get it, I don’t expect you to change your view because of how strongly I am about living my life this way. But, I would love for you to hear me out on my reasons why!

  1. I’m paying it forward. I have hit rock bottom in my life. I’ve actually probably hit it more than once. In those difficult moments, I found myself looking at my life and losing hope. I saw no possible way I could overcome what I was facing. I have felt like there was no way things would get better or I would get better or life would get better. But, things always did get better. And in most cases, life after I overcame those obstacles was much better than it had ever been before my world came crashing down. In those difficult moments, I had people there supporting me unconditionally, unquestionably, and without judgment. I know what it feels like to have people knock you down and beat you up and I know what it feels like to build you up and change your life. I was lucky! Someone else deserves to be lucky too!
  2. I learned from example. My parents are two of the most compassionate, giving, and selfless people I know. So, I guess you can say philanthropy and support of others rubbed off on me from living with them for so many years! Now that I’m a parent, I know how important it is to lead by example. I learned from example as a child and it lead me to a great life. I guess you can say it’s in my blood.
  3. It feels good. There is definitely a feel good factor to seeing someone smile and knowing you helped put that smile on their face. Whether you are making small waves in this world or rocking the ocean, when you do good, you feel good. I’ve never heard someone who wasn’t kind to another person turn around and say “aww man that felt great!” But I know the drive and inspiration you get from knowing you’ve done something to enrich someone else’s life. Give it a shot! You’ll know what I’m talking about.
  4. It’s free! Most of the time. Anne Frank said, “No one ever became poor by giving.” That statement is so true! I don’t have a lot of money. Hell, sometimes I don’t have any money in the bank. But, even on days when I can’t fill up the gas tank, showing up and showing up with a positive attitude doesn’t cost me a thing. And, it enriches my life as well. My grandmother was my greatest example of how you can be a light to guide others through the darkness of their lives. She would say “I barely have a pot to piss in.” Excuse my language, but she wasn’t the most politically correct little lady! Growing up, we knew that was true! But, she was honestly the richest person I’ve ever known. Because she had things money couldn’t buy. When you sign up to show up, you can’t imagine what you get for free! Whether it’s participating in a big community event, raising awareness for a great cause, or just meeting a friend in need at the local coffee shop, you would be amazed. You are making memories, gaining life experience, creating a human connection, developing friendships, achieving great things, and adding to your own well-being. It almost seems like you’re a thief in all you get for free when you show up to help others!
  5. I’ve got my fingers crossed that good karma will come from it. They say what goes around comes around. I never really worried about the future until I became a Mom. And, although my son is only 4 (but OMG how is he ALREADY 4?!?), I look at a teenage boy who nervously approaches me for making a mistake with my order or the new girl at the cash register nervously trying to learn and I think of my son. Someday he will be that kid. He’ll be a teenager trying to make his way in the world without me there to protect him. Of course, he’ll meet people who are difficult to deal with, they may even be mean. But I treat everyone the way I would want others to treat my child. I hope someday, in times when my son is facing a life struggle, someone will give him the kindness and understanding he needs to keep going and not give up. I can’t protect and watch him forever. I can only hope that the world will embrace him the way I have embraced others-understanding that he is learning, encouraging him to grow, and forgiving him when he makes mistakes. Hey! A mama can only hope right!

Writing is my passion. And through my writing I’ve met some amazing people. We’ve encouraged each other to prosper. We’ve helped each other through failures. We’ve inspired each other to keep going! As a Mom blogger, in particular, I’ve had the priceless opportunity to meet other people as perfectly imperfect as I am. They know and understand how hard it can be to be a Mom today!  They have faced the same pressures of trying to remain positive in a world that often seems so judgmental. They’ve opened my eyes to the fact that NO ONE is perfect! And it’s made such a huge impact on my life.

So, even if you don’t agree with my way of life, I encourage you to try it before you knock it! You never know how it may change your life. Empower someone else. Take an extra minute to help someone. Go out of your way to hold the door for the slow elderly person who seems miles behind you when you’re already late. Share another Mom’s story or accomplishments. Ask someone like you about the challenges they face in life and how they’ve found ways to overcome, just like Mimi’s Soap Dish did in her interview with me! Empowering others feels amazing. Sharing your life story is empowering yourself, and that’s great too!

Hang in there, people! And don’t forget to fasten your seatbelt. There’s no doubt life is full of ups and down. Embrace the journey and enjoy the ride! While many fear the downhill falls of life’s roller coaster, others have learned they’re necessary to be able to enjoy the view at the top!



  1. Lori Underwwod June 21, 2018

    WOW! you are an inspiration! I think you and I have a lot in common, I’ve been hard to by lifes punches, but I feel as you do, lifting each other up is the way to go! We can have different opinions about the way we see the world, but why does that have to mean we hate each other? You are doing exactly what you set out to do! empowering others, keep up the great work girly! You Rock!

    1. sarah June 21, 2018

      Awww! Thanks girl! That’s exactly what I like to hear. And it’s soooooooo true! You can completely disagree with me and have polar opposite views and I will still respect you and the fact that you’re entitled to your own thoughts and opinions. That’s only if you’re thoughts and opinions aren’t anything that seriously hurts other human beings <3

  2. Rianna June 26, 2018

    Thank you for posting such an inspiring post!! Some people like me who are going through something definitely need it!

    1. sarah June 26, 2018

      Thank you! We never know what someone else is going through! A little kindness goes a long way!

  3. Tasheena June 26, 2018

    This is so uplifting! I feel like we moms are constantly comparing ourselves to others and this post is a beautiful reminder of how a little positivity can go a long way.

    1. sarah June 26, 2018

      Thank you! I think we compare ourselves to others in every walk of life. So much changes when you stop comparing and start working together! Thanks for the love!

  4. Jenny June 26, 2018

    I completely agree about the idea that our kids are watching us and that hopefully what we put out into the world will come back as positive experiences for them! Thanks for sharing and thanks for helping others!!

    1. sarah June 26, 2018

      Thanks for the support! We can only hope <3

  5. Angelina June 26, 2018

    I love this. I try to live my life empowering others and inspiring others to embrace their situations so they can make the change for the better. I am happy to meet a fellow like minded person. You rock!

    1. sarah June 26, 2018

      Thanks girl! Keep it up. Together we can change the world!

  6. Tola June 27, 2018

    This is such a beautiful post, empowering others is so needed especially in these times we are in. So keep it up and keep lifting people’s spirits

    1. sarah June 27, 2018

      Thank you! We’re all in this together!

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